Vortrag mit Dr. Yane Svetiev vom Europäischen Hochschulinstitut in Florenz

Datum: 5. März 2013
Zeit: 12.15 Uhr bis 13.00 Uhr
Ort: Universität Luzern, Frohburgstrasse 3, 6002 Luzern; Raum 4.B51

The presentation will focus on the question of the role of competition law in the achievement of the general goals of public policy, an issue which has been of interest both in European and international debates. In the EU, the separating out and instrumentalisation of competition law to the achievement of the internal market has fuelled a perception that it operates without regard to broader formulations of the goals of public policy that include competitiveness, industrial and social objectives. Along similar lines, at the international level the adoption of global antitrust norms has been resisted by developing nations due to a perception that enforcement of such norms can hamper the achievement of developmental (economic and social) objectives. One way to advance the debate at both levels would be to go beyond a focus on the creation of self-sufficient regulatory regimes with narrow rationalities. Some emergent cases are suggested as promising examples.

Dr. Yane Svetiev is Research Fellow in the ERC project on European Regulatory Private Law, hosted at the Law Department of the European University Institute. From September 2013, he will join the law faculty at Bocconi University in Milan.  Doctoral studies in law at Columbia University (New York).  Prior appointments include Max Weber fellowship (EUI), assistant professor of law (Brooklyn Law School, New York), associate lecturer in economics (University of Sydney, Australia).