A talk by Prof. Steven Lukes, New York University (for the accompanying workshop by Prof. Lukes, please see the separate announcement)

Datum: 3. Oktober 2018
Zeit: 18.15 Uhr
Ort: University of Lucerne, Room 3.B58 (new room)

Flyer "Power Truth and Epistemic Closure"

We are living in an unsettling time, one key feature of which is epistemic closure: the rejection within politics by significant segments of populations of institutional and normative ways of transcending partisanship and their embracing of a kind of "tribal epistemology". In this lecture, Prof. Lukes addresses the issues raised by Hannah Arendt's suggestion that "truth and politics are on very bad terms with each other" and indeed that it is "in the very essence of truth to be impotent and in the very essence of power to be deceitful". He will conclude by asking how current developments, in the United States and elsewhere, bear on these issues.

For more information regarding the lecture, please have a look at the flyer

To learn more about the accompanying workshop by Prof. Lukes on October 4th, please have a look at the call