Podcast of Michael Brady Talk "Suffering and Meaning in Life" Plus Interview

For anyone who missed Prof. Brady's guest talk on December 7th or would like to re-watch it as a podcast or read about it in a newspaper interview.

Prof. Michael Brady (University of Glasgow) gave a talk on "Suffering and Meaning in Life" which you can now watch on the University of Lucerne's Podcast Website.

If you are interested in learning about Michael Brady's thoughts in German, please read the interview published on December 5 by Luzerner Zeitung at the occasion of his online guest talk.

Update on Re-scheduled Workshop
Originally, the workshop "The Role of Empathy and Other Moral Emotions in Ethics", conceptualized by Manuel Camassa (doctoral student in Philosophy), was scheduled to accompany this guest talk. Unfortunately, it had to be cancelled due to the Corona virus crisis. If you are interested in receiving an update in case we manage to re-schedule the workshop next year, please contact gslremove-this.@remove-this.unilu.ch and we will include you in a mailing list.