Does academia integrate the patient’s voice? How does it do it and what are the challenges to do so?

We are delighted to welcome Annette Magnin, Managing Director, Swiss Clinical Trial Organisation.

Datum: 14. März 2018
Zeit: 17.00 Uhr bis 18.00 Uhr
Ort: HS 9

The Patient's Voice in Clinical Research – An Academic Point of View

This talk presents the current situation in Switzerland and showcases the Swiss general consent for the reuse of patient data and biological samples –the tightrope walk between too much and not enough information–, and what transparency in clinical research means and how far it is implemented.

Lecture Series Spring 2018: The Patient's Voice in Drug Development

In this lecture series, professionals from industries, adademia and patient organizations will share their visions how the patient perspective can become an integral part of the drug development process, and how this relates to public interests, regulatory requirements, the law and international initiatives.

Flyer Lecture Series Spring 2018

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