Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Maercker

Professor of Psychology and Chair, Division of Psychopathology & Clinical Inervention, University of Zurich, Switzerland


Lecture: Posttraumatic stress disorder, salutogenesis, and resilience: Recent lifespan studies

Datum: 15. Oktober 2014
Zeit: 17.15 Uhr bis 18.30 Uhr
Ort: room / Hörsaal 9

Some People develop pathology after being confronted with traumatic or life-threatening experiences, while other remain healthy. The Israeli scientist Aron Antonovsky who decribed Holocaust survivors who were able to overcome their traumatic experiences coined the term "salutogenesis. Our research team conducted serveral studies on trauma survivors (e.g., former political prisoners from East Germany, former indentured child laborers - "Verdingkinder") that spanned over up to 50 years of participants lifetimes. Our social-interpersonal model of trauma sequelae comprises several factors that contribute to salutogenesis or resilience, e.g. disclosure of trauma, societal acknowledgement as a survivor, sense of coherence. Implications for successful or wise aging from theses studies will be delineated.