We are delighted to welcome Dr. Rita Sadana, Senior Advisor Ageing and Life Course, World Health Organziation, an internationally renowned expert in the field who will share her in-depth knowledge and insights in health inequalities.

Datum: 8. November 2017
Zeit: 17.00 Uhr bis 18.00 Uhr
Ort: HS 9

Dr. Ritu Sadana
Senior Advisor Ageing and Life Course, Word Health Organization

Health Equity and Healthy Ageing
A wide range of determinants, through multiple pathways, contribute to stark differences in the level and distribution of Healthy Ageing. Determinants include root causes representing the social, political and economic context; structural determinants that stratify people and groups into different positions in society and differential access to resources and power; and intermediary determinants including individual-level differences in strengths, exposures and vulnerabilities, as well as coverage by health and social care systems, and quality of the built environment. Almost all are modifiable or amenable to change, meaning that policies and interventions could benefit a wider range of older adults, including those experiencing declines in intrinsic capacities.

Acknowledging the full range of determinants of health and the range of outcomes that older adults value, provide additional entry points to support and increase what older people can be and do. Moreover, understanding and measuring Healthy Ageing trajectories, across the life course, offers greater insights on what is important to individuals, compared to a focus on chronologic age, disease or morbidity status.

Lecture Series Fall 2017 "Mind the Gap: Lessons from Health Inequality"
The lecture series of the Department Health Sciences and Health Policy in fall 2017 will present and discuss the latest research findings on health inequalities, and show possibilities how these findings have been translated into and implemented as policy actions.

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