The Research Information System (FIS) of the University of Lucerne is a database for the collection, presentation and analysis of data related to research. The aim of the FIS is to improve the visibility of research at the University of Lucerne while at the same time simplifying administrative processes in research administration and reporting.


All research staff are encouraged to record their publications, achievements (academic achievements such as congressional contributions, functions in academic organizations), and their research projects in the FIS.


You can access the research information system of the University of Lucerne at the following web address:


For further information please contact FIS manager Silvia Martens.

Open Access

The University of Lucerne invites its researchers to publish their scientific publications in open access whenever possible. It provids a repository. Using the entries in the FIS, the researchers can publish their publications open access directly on LORY (Lucerne Open Repository). To do this, they must upload the full texts in the FIS in the corresponding entry. Before a publication is subsequently made available on LORY, the LORY team of the ZHB carries out all the necessary legal clarifications with the publishers.

Detailed information on Open Access and LORY can be found at:
For questions about LORY and Open Access please contact:


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