Quality Management Department

is responsible for the Quality Assurance and Quality Development of the University.

The Quality Management department promotes teaching, research, administrative processes and services at the University of Lucerne. It provides the university management as well as all internal departments and institutions with the appropriate quality assurance instruments and know-how.

Furthermore it offers consultation services and evaluates the quality of university projects and degree programmes. It is the first point of contact for external enquiries regarding quality management and university rankings.

The core tasks of the department:

  • to organize, implement  and analyze evaluations (e.g. alumni surveys, evaluation of degree programmes, surveying of research performance)
  • to consult the university management and faculties in questions relating to quality assurance and development
  • to organize and administer external quality reviews (e.g. audits and accreditations);
  • to communicate the results of evaluations and ensure their implementation
  • to process and deliver data for rankings
  • to develop quality assurance processes at the University of Lucerne
  • to represent the university in national and international networks in the field of quality management.