Law students and law practitioners can apply to the Lucerne Academy.

Applicants must generally satisfy the following requirements:

  • You must either be a practitioner or what one would consider an “advanced” law student. For students enrolled in a Bologna model school, this means that you must either currently be enrolled in a Masters Level program (MLaw or comparable) or be eligible for such an enrollment by the Fall semester 2020. For United States students, this means that you will have completed at least one year of studies in a full-time J.D. program by the beginning of the program (or the equivalent in a part-time program).
  • Internationalhuman rights law experience is required (academic or in the field). Waiver is possible.
  • Good command of English. The Lucerne Academy is conducted in English in its entirety and students are required to actively participate, both orally and in writing, in the coursework and the moot court exercise. 

For questions concerning admission, please contact