After months of restrictions, the University of Lucerne has started the spring semester with normal attendance. In addition, a digital replacement offer has been available. Originally, this was limited until Easter. The Extended University Management has now decided that the digital substitute offer will be continued for regular classes until the end of the semester. This takes into account the continued high infection rates.  In continuing education, the digital replacement offer is not compulsory.

The examination mode will be defined by the faculties and the department.

With the lifting of the Corona measures, the individual responsibility of each and every person has gained in importance. It is still advisable to observe hygiene measures and to keep your distance as much as is possible. The university also recommends wearing a protective mask in certain situations. This is advisable, for example, in fully occupied lecture halls or in personal conversations with someone wearing a protective mask.

Consideration of others continues to be the guiding principle for the current phase at the University of Lucerne. It is particularly important to protect vulnerable people or those with vulnerable people around them.

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