Leadership from a distance: Walking a tightrope between micromanagement and involvement

Leading from afar is not easy: How closely should managers lead their employees who are working from home? When does a high leadership intensity motivate employees and when does it discourage them?

Covid-19 presented managers with the challenge of leading employees remotely. Confronted with the new situation, uncertainties arose about the ideal leadership intensity. On the one hand, frequent contact can express appreciation and interest. On the other hand, employees may perceive it as demotivating micromanagement. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for determining the ideal leadership intensity. How employees react to frequent interactions with leaders depends on how they understand their role.

An article in HR Today No. 10/2021 by Dr. oec. Manuela Morf, Senior Research Associate at the Center for HRM (CEHRM).

Article (HR Today, Online)