"The people who want to go the right way, also need to know of false starts." 

For consultation and discussions regarding matters related to personal relationships, decision making, studies, pressure of performance, future planning I am at your disposal. I assure you of that you will be heard and accompanied patiently, will get necessary feedback and support. We shall find together a way out for the concerned problems and issues. Of course, I am also there if you are looking for spirituality, either to discover it or to deepen it. Just a call or a mail is sufficient for an appointment. Andreas Schalbetter SJ


”Once in life, at the right time one should have believed in the impossible.” Christa Wolf

General life questions, difficulties in studies, work pressure, examination anxiety, problems in family or partnership, feelings of emptiness and meaninglessness, lack of perspectives, religious doubts, …? I have no ready answers, but know how to listen, ask, accompany and support. As a pastor I am subject to professional secrecy. Sabine Boser