The research focal points of the Chair held by Professor Paul Eitel are in the area of inheritance law as well as in private, family and property law.


List of publications:
Publications and lectures, full version available for download.
(Updated: April 2016)

Short-term research projects (expected implementation 2014) 

  • Basic questions of estate distribution
  • Law of succession – de lege lata and de lege ferenda
  • Inheritance law 2011–2013 – jurisdiction, legislation and literature

Medium and long-term research projects

  • The reduction of freely revocable contributions (gifts, life insurance policies, trusts)     
  • The forming principle in the new jurisprudence of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court     
  • Joint wills in Germany and Switzerland     
  • The basis for determining the statutory share     
  • Attacks on holographic wills in Swiss and German law     
  • The most important inheritance law actions     
  • Actions in abatement and actions arising from contracts of inheritance, Art. 522 – 536 ZGB (volume in the Berner Kommentar on the ZGB)     
  • Actions for declaration of invalidity, Art. 519 – 521 ZGB (volume in the Berner Kommentar on the ZGB; with a co-author)     
  • Mixed gifts in inheritance law     
  • Transfers of property and adjustments under inheritance law     
  • Rural inheritance law – subjects, objects, modalities (with a co-author)     
  • Collection of materials on Swiss inheritance law     


  • The disclaimer     
  • Trusts in inheritance law     
  • Property gifts with reservation of usufruct or rights of abode