Senior Research Fellow (SNFS Ambizione Grantee) and Lecturer

T +41 41 229 55 94
Frohburgstrasse 3, Room 3.B12

As a grantee of the SNFS Ambizione programme Nenad Stojanovic has chosen the University of Lucerne as a guest institution to conduct his project "Racist Voters and Minority Candidates". Further details on the project are available here.


Nenad Stojanovic studied political science at the University of Geneva (licence ès sc. pol. 1999), at McGill University in Montreal (M.A. 2000) and at the University of Zurich (Dr. phil. 2008). He was a post-doctoral researcher at the universities of Louvain (UCL), Leuven (KUL), Kent and at the European University Institute, as well as a visiting lecturer at the universities of Geneva, Fribourg, Lausanne, Lucerne, Sarajevo and ETH Zurich. From February 2009 until July 2015 he was a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Democracy Studies Aarau (ZDA) and at the Institute for Political Science of the University of Zurich. He spent the academic year 2015-16 as a Visiting Research Scholar at the Department of Politics, Princeton University.

In 2012 the Swiss Political Science Association assigned him the award for the best (ex aequo) doctoral thesis. The dissertation, which explores the role of gender, linguistic and ethnic quotas in democracy, was published in French («Dialogue sur les quotas», Presses de Sciences Po, 2013) and in Italian («Dialogo sulle quote», Il Mulino, 2014).

In November 2011 the Swiss Federal Council appointed Nenad Stojanovic to the Federal Commission against Racism. As of April 2015 he is a member of the Foundation Council of the Swiss National Foundation for Scientific Research (SNFS) in which he represents the Swiss national association of young academic researchers (actionuni).

His full CV and the list of publications can be downloaded here.





Main fields of research

  • Democracy in multicultural societies
  • Nationalism
  • The concept of representation
  • Quotas
  • Discrimination
  • Linguistic justice
  • Electoral systems
  • Federalism
  • Direct democracy
  • Multilingual cantons
  • Southeast Europe
  • Swiss politics

Project management