Research Assistant (SNF-Prof. Alrik Thiem)

T +41 41 229  56 02 • Room 3.A12 •


Dr. Lusine Mkrtchyan holds a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from the IMT Lucca in Italy and M.Sc. in Computer and Information Science from the American University of Armenia. After her PhD she worked in Belgian Nuclear Research Center, in Paul Scherrer Institute and at ETH Zurich.
Since March 2018 she works as a postdoctoral researcher in the University of Luzern. Her work is focused on the methodological and technical advancements of configurational comparative research methods to be applied for a Swiss National Science Foundation project ACCORds supervised by Professor Alrik Thiem. Currently she studies multi-value algebras and different minimization algorithms of multiple-output switching circuits with the focus of their potential use for qualitative comparative analysis.

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