PhD Candidate (Prof. Andreas Balthasar)


Anina Hanimann studied political science at the University of Bern from 2007 to 2014. During her studies she focused on methods of data analysis and environmental policy, among others in her master thesis on the acceptance of environmental policy instruments. During and after her studies she worked for an agency for policy analysis and consulting as well as for the Foundation for Consumer Protection and focused in particular on the topics of health and environment. Anina Hanimann has been with Interface Politikstudien Forschung Beratung GmbH since 2014. She focuses on the development of strategies and the implementation of evaluations and research projects. Her focus is on health and the Sharing Economy.

In February 2018, Anina Hanimann took up her post as a doctoral candidate in the SNF research project "What policy actors believe in - How do voters and members of parliament judge the credibility of expert statements?" under Prof. Dr. Andreas Balthasar. As part of her dissertation project, she is investigating which factors influence the perception of the credibility of expert statements among voters and parliamentarians.