Professor for International Economics

Dr. oec. publ. 

T +41 41 229 58 40

Frohburgstrasse 3, Room 4.B32


Manuel Oechslin studied in Zurich and Berlin and earned a PhD in Economics from the University of Zurich in 2006. Before joining the University of Lucerne in December 2014, he was an Associate Professor of Economics at Tilburg University, The Netherlands. Manuel’s research focuses on international economics and the political economy of development. He is an extramural fellow of the Center for Research in Economics and Business, Tilburg University. Manuel teaches macroeconomics, international economics and economic development in the new bachelor's program “Economics and Management” at Lucerne University’s youngest school.

Curriculum Vitae Manuel Oechslin


Research Priorities

  • Political economics
  • International economics
  • Development economics
  • Macroeconomics

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Journal Articles

  • Disagreement and Learning about Reforms (2015). ECONOMIC JOURNAL, 125(May), 853-886 (with Johannes Binswanger). 

  • Targeting Autocrats: Economic Sanctions and Regime Change (2014). EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF POLITICAL ECONOMY, 36, 24-40.

  • Inequality and Growth: The Neglected Time Dimension (2014). JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC GROWTH, 19(1), 81-104 (with Daniel Halter and Josef Zweimüller).

  • Government Revenues and Economic Growth in Weakly Institutionalized States (2010). ECONOMIC JOURNAL, 120(June), 631–650.

  • Market Imperfections, Wealth Inequality, and the Distribution of Trade Gains (2010). JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS, 81(1), 15-25 (with Reto Foellmi).

  • Creditor Protection and the Dynamics of the Distribution in Oligarchic Societies (2009). JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC GROWTH, 14(4), 313-344.

  • Why Progressive Redistribution Can Hurt the Poor (2008). JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ECONOMICS, 92(3-4), 738-747 (with Reto Foellmi).

  • Who Gains from Non-Collusive Corruption? (2007). JOURNAL OF DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS, 82(1), 95-119 (with Reto Foellmi).

Articles in Magazines and Newspapers

  • Euro-Gezänk mit hohem Risiko. Neue Luzerner Zeitung, 11.01.2011. 

  • G20 weiss, was auf dem Spiel steht. Neue Luzerner Zeitung, 12.11.2010 (with T. Cottier). 

  • Arm trotz Finanzhilfe. UniPress – Forschung und Wissenschaft, 146/2010. 

  • Es wird nur ein kleines Strohfeuer entfachen. Schaffhauser Nachrichten, 12.02.2009. 

  • Destabilisierende Entwicklungshilfe. Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 2006, No. 28 

  • Mehr Hilfe hilft nicht. Die Weltwoche, 2005, No. 9 (with R. Foellmi). 


  • Fiscal Weakness, Natural Resources, and the Under-Provision of Public Goods (with Mauricio Rodriguez Acosta).
    Working paper coming soon 

  • Harmful Pro-Competitive Effects of Trade in Presence of Credit Market Frictions (2015). Mimeo, University of Lucerne (with Reto Foellmi).
    Working Paper

  • Water Scarcity and Rioting: Disaggregated Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa (2015). Mimeo, University of Lucerne  (with Christian Almer and Jérémy Laurent-Lucchetti).

    Working Paper

  • Foreign Aid, Political Instability, and Economic Growth (2006). Unpublished manuscript.
    Working Paper