PhD student, lecturer, research assistant at the Institute of Primary & Community Care Luzern

T +41 41 226 61 90

IHAM&CC Luzern


Stefan Gysin holds a master’s degree in medicine and did his doctoral thesis (MD) about genodermatoses after graduating from medical school in Basel in 2016. He worked as a resident in internal medicine at the Adullam and Bethesda Spital in Basel before starting his PhD in Health Sciences at the University of Lucerne and the PhD program in Public Health at the Swiss School of Public Health in 2017. He works as an assistant researcher at the Institute of Primary & Community Care (IHAM&CC) Luzern.

Stefan teaches about clinical quality indicators in the major Health Services Research of the master’s program Health Sciences at the University of Lucerne. He also gives lectures about research in primary care to medical students of the “Joint Master of Medicine”, a new collaborative program of the Universities of Zurich and Lucerne.


Stefan’s research and doctoral thesis is about interprofessional collaboration in Swiss primary care. His focus lies on the role of so-called Advanced Practice Nurses in Swiss family practices. He’s studying the acceptance, competencies, tasks, benefits and costs of this new type of health professionals.