Targetting non-conscious processes for healthier behaviour across populations

Prof. Dr. Theresa Marteau, Director of the Behaviour and Health Research Unit in the Clinical School at the University of Cambridge


Changing four sets of behaviour (smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, poor diets and physical inactivity) has the potential to prevent 75% of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and 40% of cancers, as well as reduce health inequalities by 50%.

Date: 23rd March 2016
Time: 17.15 h to 18.30 h
Location: Hörsaal 10
Lecture Series Spring 2016
Lecture Series Spring 2016

Interventions aimed at informing and persuading us to change our behaviour have limited impact because much of our behaviour is shaped not by our intentions but by cues in our environments, often without our awareness. This talk will consider the effectiveness of altering physical micro-environments by removing, adding or altering cues to change behaviour across populations.  The acceptability to the public and policy makers of this approach will also be addressed.

Flyer Lecture Series Spring 2016_Health Behaviour Change: From Theory to Reality

Poster Lecture Series Spring 2016_Health Behaviour Change: From Theory to Reality