The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Lucerne hosts four inaugural lectures given by professors newly appointed to the department of Health Sciences and Health. The event is organized as a symposium where the professors have the opportunity to share their achievements in research and views of the different perspectives of the health sciences.

The inaugural lectures are addressed to members of the academic community and the general public. Thank you for registering by email ( Please download flyer for detailed information.

Date: 18th March 2015
Time: 17.15 h to 19.00 h
Location: Hörsaal 10

Prof. Dr. Stefan Boes, Associate Professor in Health Economics

Prof. Dr. Armin Gemperli, Assistant Professor in Health Sciences with a Focus in Rehabilitation Services Research

Prof. Dr. Gisela Michel, Associate Professor in Health & Social Behavior

Prof. Dr. Sara Rubinelli, Assistant Professor in Health Sciences with a focus in Health Communication