International Symposium "Going Beyond Partisan Affective Polarization"

This international symposium discusses the latest research at the cutting-edge of the literature on affective polarization. A team of researchers, among them Professor Alexander H. Trechsel, will present their new research on the topic. Following up on their findings, the symposium will further explore the future research agenda in this field.

Date: 24th February 2023
Time: 15.15 h to 18.30 h
Location: Hörsaal 9

Affective polarization has skyrocketed in attention as a topic of political science research in recent years. However, most of the literature so far sees political parties as the main agents of affective polarization. New research by a team of poiltical scientists, supported by funding of the University of Lucerne,  compares a traditional measure of party affective polarization (PAP) with a new concept and measure: leader affective polarization (LAP). In a cross-national analysis, the research shows, among other things, that the relative strength of LAP vis-à-vis PAP is increased by presidential regime type, poor government performance and low party system fragmentation. After a presentation of the findings, the symposium brings together leading experts in the field to explore the potentials of future research based on the original concept of leader affective polarization (LAP). The symposium will be followed by an aperitif.