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Kyriaki Topidi, PhD

Lecturer/Senior Researcher
Assistant Director Center for Comparative
Constitutional Law and Religion


Kyriaki Topidi holds a Maîtrise en Droit from the Robert Schuman Faculty of Law in Strasbourg, an MA in International Studies from the University of Birmingham (U.K.) and a PhD in European Studies from Queen’s University Belfast (U.K.). She has undertaken extensive research in the areas of minority rights, EU law and public international law. She has also participated to a significant numbers of international conferences on various topics and has published widely on these topics.

Previous working experience includes positions held at the European Parliament in Brussels, at research centres and NGOs in Germany and Greece as well as at the American University of Athens, as ILEX course leader.

Her teaching experience covers primarily European public law, human rights law as well as EU law. She is currently teaching comparative law classes.

She has participated in and managed a number of research projects on EU enlargement, minority protection as well as on comparative constitutional law. She has recently acted as an expert for the European Parliament on these issues.

She joined the University of Lucerne in November 2006.



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Aufsätze in Zeitschriften

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  • Contact:
    • Kyriaki Topidi
    • University of Lucerne
    • School of Law
      Frohburgstrasse 3
      P.O. Box 4466
      CH-6002 Lucerne, Switzerland
    • +41 (0)41 229 54 45
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