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Lauren Fielder, JD, LL.M.

Junior Assistant Professor of Law
Assistant Director, Transnational Legal Studies Program


Lauren Fielder, J.D., LL.M., is Assistant Professor of Law and Assistant Director of the Transnational Legal Studies Program. She studied and taught in Texas before coming to Luzern. Professor Fielder has taught numerous classes over the years in the areas of international law and constitutional law. She focuses on African Law and speaks and publishes extensively in that area.



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  • "Religion as Empowerment: Global Legal Perspectives" (with Kyriaki Topidi), under contract with Ashgate

  • "Researching African Law", under contract with Carolina Academic Press

  • "Cases and Materials on African Law and Policy" under contract with Carolina Press

  • Transnational Legal Processes and Human Rights, Ashgate, 2013 [together with Kyriaki Topidi].

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Aufsätze in Zeitschriften

  • "The Internationalization of Constitutional Law: Using Values to Build an African Jurisprudence and Develop a More Inclusive Body of International Human Rights Law", 1 (2) Journal of Transnational Legal Issues 154 (2013).

  • "A Wakeup Call for a Uniform Statute of Limitations in Art Restitution Cases, 15 UCLA Entertainment Law Review 203 (2008).

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  • "United States Implementation of the International Criminal Court: Towards the Federalism of Free Nations", 17 Journal of Transnational Law and Policy 35 (2008).

  • "The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act: Using a "Shield" Statute as a "Sword" for Obtaining Federal Jurisdiction in Art and Antiquities Cases", 31 Fordham International Law Journal 781 (2008), reprinted in 13 Art Antiquity & Law, Issue 3 (2008).

  • "Orkin v. Taylor: A Satisfying Solution to a Dispute over a Van Gogh or a Blow for Holocaust Art Restitution Claims in United States Federal Courts?", 12 Art Antiquity & Law, Issue 4 (2007).

  • "Seeking a Better Solution for the Disposition of Frozen Embryos: Is Embryo Adoption the Answer?", 35 U. Tulsa L. Rev. 583-598 (2000), with Paul C. Redman II, M.D.

  • "Softening the ERISA Blow Minimizing Physician Liability for Patient Injuries Caused By Managed Care Cost Containment Mesures", 35 U. Tulsa L. Review 677-701 (2000).

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Aufsätze in Sammelbänden

  • "Polygyny: A Living Reality of Legal Pluralism" in "Law, Custom and Religion?, Contemporary Studies in Legal and Applied Research Studies" (Waheeda Amien, Chuma Himonga, and Gordon Woodman, eds. Juta & Co.)

  • "Religion as a Right and Religion as a Tool: Comparative Law Dimensions" (with Kyriaki Topidi) in "Religion as Empowerment: Global Legal Perspectives" (Kyriaki Topidi and Lauren Fielder, eds., Ashgate).

  • "Religion as Empowerment: A Framework for Realizing African Women's Rights" in "Religion as Empowerment: Global Legal Perspectives (Kyriaki Topidi and Lauren Fielder, eds., Ashgate)

  • "Customary International Law and the Internationalization of African Constitutional Law: One Way Forward in the Protection of Human Rights?", in "Recht und der Weg in die Zukunft" (Schulthess-Verlag 2012).

  • "African Courts and African Values: Harmonizing International Human Rights and Customary Law" in Transnational Legal Processes and Human Rights, with Kyriaki Topidi (Ashgate 2013)

  • "A Tool for Reconciling Gender and Customary Law", in "Women in Transitional Justice" (Lisa Yarwood, ed., Routledge 2013)

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  • Ada Uzoamaka Azado and Maureen Eke, "Gender and Sexuality in African Literature and Film", forthcoming Journal of Modern African Studies

  • "The Reckoning: The Battle for the International Criminal Court, Eyes on the ICC.

  • Bruce Cronin, "Institutions for the Common Good: International Protection Regimes in International Society", 9 Seton Hall Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations,

  • Chantal Zabus, "Between Rites and Rights: Excision in Women's Experiential Texts and Human Contexts", 46 Journal of Modern African Studies 520 (2008).

  • Jason Ralph, "Defending the Society of States: Why America Opposes the International Criminal Court and its Vision of World Society" (Oxford, 2007), 4 Eyes on the ICC 1 (2007).

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  • "Year in Review African Law", paper presented at the American Association of Law Schools Conference, International Law Section, San Francisco, January 2011.

  • "Towards an African Jurisprudence: Rethinking Judicial Dialogue", paper presented at the African Network of Constitutional Lawyers Annual Meeting, Rabat, Morocco, February 2011

  • "Domestic Application of International Human Rights: How African Constitutional Courts mediate the tension between culture and equality", paper presented at the conference "The Legitimacy of Constitutional Courts and the Influence of International and Comparative Law", Bilkent University School of Law (Turkey) and University of Lucerne, Sept.24-25, 2010.

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  • Junior Assistant Professor of Law